PLEASE NOTE: We at ScienceHD are interested in users who are interested in science. These applications are accepted or denied on the basis of your responses, so it will benefit you to answer the questions completely and honestly. The more effort you put into the application, and the longer your answers are, the more likely you are to be accepted -- an actual person will be reading these and deciding!
Do NOT use a proxy, VPN, etc. when filling out this application. If you do, you will be denied.
If you were previously disabled, do not attempt to apply here. Instead, come into IRC and talk with us!

Background and Interests
1. What type of sciences are you interested in, and where did this interest spark from? Does this in any way relate to your professional life?
2. Have you watched any documentaries recently? If yes, which ones and what did you like about that documentary?
3. What is your favourite documentary, and why is it your favorite?
4. Do you plan on using this site for educational purposes, purely for entertainment, or a mixture of the two?
Torrenting Experience
Note: If you're new to this whole thing, that won't count against you, but we'd like to know (and have plenty of support and info to get new users up to speed)!
1. Are you currently active on any other trackers? If so, please provide profile links (no screenshots!).
These are totally private applications, and are not visible to anybody but the reviewing staff member. They are not indexed by google, or anything remotely similar.
2. How long have you been filesharing?
ScienceHD: The Site!
1. What do you have to offer to the site? This refers to content, experience in science and etc, NOT seedboxes and a love to ratiowhore.
2. We require all torrents to be seeded for 72 hours or to 1:1 ratio. Anything stopped before that is considered a "Hit and Run", and after you have 3 of these all set over 1 week ago, you will be disabled. Do you understand this rule and can you meet this simple seeding requirement?
Pandora's Jar
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A valid email for if you're approved
Please make sure your answers are complete! You can not submit this questionnaire again